Valley Forge Military College
1001 Eagle Road
Wayne, PA 19087
Valley Forge Military Academy was founded in 1928 by Lieutenant General Milton G. Baker. The school was first located in Devon, Pennsylvania, several miles away from the campus current location. After a fire during the night of January 17-18, 1929 devastated the original single-building campus, the former Devon Park Hotel, the Academy was moved to its present site in Wayne, Pennsylvania, the former Saint Luke's School. In 1935-36 the school was expanded to inclused a two year college.

Mission Statement

To educate cadets, within an academic and military environment to be fully prepared for their responsibilities as citizen leaders who are mentally alert, sound in body, considerate of others and possessed of the highest sense of duty, honor, loyalty and courage.
To foster the love of God and country, high moral standards and strong character traits that will make all a credit to themselves, their families, their alma mater, their country, and their God.

Valley Forge is a military academy and college - but most Valley Forge students do not pursue military careers.

College Degrees

Associate of Arts
Criminal Justice
Associate of Science
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Valley Forge Military College