Pennsylvania State University Ogontz Campus
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Pennsylvania State University 
Abington-Ogontz Campus
1600 Woodland Road
Abington, PA 19001
About half of the students at Penn State Abington attend their campus for all four years. Some students attend our campus for their first two years, then move to another Penn State campus to complete one of 160 Penn State majors. The majority of these students complete their degree University Park campus

    * American Studies

    * Art

    * Biology

    * Business

    * Corporate Communication

    * Criminal Justice

    * English

    * History

    * Integrative Arts

    * Letters, Arts and Sciences

    * Organization Leadership

    * Psychological and Social Sciences

    * Science with Life Science Option

    * Science with the General Science Option

    * Information Sciences and Technology (IST)

# African American Studies

Minor (AFAAB)

# American Studies Minor (AMSAB)

# Anthropology Minor (ANTAB)

# Business Minor (BSBAB)

# Business/Liberal Arts Minor (BSLAB)

# Communication Arts and Sciences Minor (CASAB)

# English Minor (ENGAB)

# History Minor (HSTAB)

# Information Sciences and Technology Minor (IST)

# International Studies Minor (INTAB)

# Philosophy Minor (PHLAB)

# Psychology Minor (PSYAB)

# Sociology Minor (SOCAB)

# Women's Studies Minor (WMNAB)

    *  Business Administration (2BAAB)

    * Letters, Arts and Sciences (2LAAB)

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