The Miquon School was founded in 1932 by two mothers, disillusioned with their own traditional educations, who discovered the progressive education model captured better the curiosity, abilities, and potential for growth within each child. From its 'one-room' beginnings in the old farmhouse that now serves as the office building, the school grew steadily. However Miquon intentionally remains a small school, ranging between 100 and 180 students for the past 50 years, in order to foster the close relationships that promote effective learning and teaching.

Key Tenets for Miquon

Children learn by doing.
Helping children learn to think is as important as teaching any specific subject matter.
Learning occurs in ways unique to each child.
Children's curiosity and initiative are integral to their education.
Independence is a vital part of every child's development.
Working with others enhances children's growth in every domain.
Every person is a thinker, creator, and contributor.
The natural world is a place to learn.
Childhood should be fun, and children should find joy in learning.

Miquon School
2025 Harts Lane
Conshohocken, PA 19428
Miquon School