Gladwyne Montessori School
The first Montessori school in the United States was founded by Nancy Rambusch in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1958. She came to Philadelphia in 1962 and helped a group of 7 parents found The Children's House, the Gladwyne Montessori school, which was incorporated as a non- profit organization on August 2, 1962. Merion Square School. This historic building had started as a six-room schoolhouse in 1881. The board and parents raised $107,120 to purchase and fix up the 2-acre property in 1967. The entire building had to be renovated including all new wiring, windows, plumbing, paint and plaster. The old gym area was walled off. Parents contributed both time and money in order to get the building ready to start classes in the Fall of 1968.
Gladwyne Montessori A vibrant and stimulating environment for ages 2 to 12
The Primary unit provides a 3 year sequential Montessori curriculum for 3 to 6 year olds. The primary classes enroll children of mixed ages with a full-time teacher and assistant in each classhe elementary unit is an advanced program for children in grades 1 through 6. Children in the elementary are divided by age: 6 to 9 and 9 to 13. They work in small groups as well as individually to explore the world at large, what Montessori calls Cosmic Education - the sciences, the arts and the universe.
Gladwyne Montessori School
920 Youngsford Road
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania 19035
(610) 649-1761