Souderton Parks
Souderton Community Park Located at Wile Ave & Reliance Rd This Souderton park has a wooded area, playground, and picnic pavilion The pavilion is (equipped with picnic tables, electricity, lighting, and water), adjacent Community Pool and a band shell
Holly’s Hill Park Located at Wile Avenue, and Diamond Street  This 4 acre Souderton  park has paved walking paths, benches, and a great view.
Wile Avenue Playground Located Wile Avenue and W. Chestnut Street at This Souderton  park has playground equipment,  gazebo and picnic area.
West Street Park Located  on West Street, This Souderton park has 3 tennis courts, playground equipment and a picnic area.
Lawn Avenue Park Located at Lawn Avenue and Washington Avenue This Souderton park has a playground, pavilion,  baseball field, batting cage and walking paths

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