West Conshohocken
West Conshohocken is a borough incorporated October 6, 1874 from land taken almost equally from the Townships of Lower and Upper Merion
The population was 1,320 at the 2010 census.90.1% White, 3.6% Black or African American, 0.5% Native American, 3.3% Asian, and 1.7% were two or more races. 3.6% of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry

As a river borough, there existed a large number of mills and other industries utilizing water power. The Dougherty Quarry was a prosperous business, producing stone of superior quality known as Conshohocken or Merion Blue. It was much sought after for public buildings, and was shipped by rail throughout the East before supplies were exhausted in the mid-twentieth century.

West Conshohocken is part of the Colonial School District

The borough has three parks

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