Telford is a borough in Bucks and Montgomery counties Originally inhabited by the Lenape peoples, the area surrounding Telford began to be settled in 1719 by Mennonites Telford Borough was incorporated in 1886 in Bucks County. A decade later, West Telford Borough was incorporated in Montgomery County in 1897. In 1936 a state law-which prohibited the boundaries of a borough from extending into another county-was changed and the two boroughs merged to form a single Borough of Telford.
The population was 4,615 at the 2010 census 84.5% White, 1.9% Black or African American,  5.4% Asian, and 1.1% were two or more races. 7.2% of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry

There are six parks in the Borough, three of which provide ball fields.

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