Montgomery County Pa is a great place to live or visit. Because of it's size it is a very diversified county containing multiple industrial, recreational, educational areas along with the bedroom communities that fill it's boarders. Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia its history is long and important.

Quality of life is what makes an area a great place to live. Before I show you the enormous amount of choices available in Montgomery County Pa this list and small explanation are the criteria I am using to show the county's strength. This website is ever growing so please return often to see if new areas have been added.

People  Population Growth, Ethenticity, Age, Families and Households, Disability
Knowledge and Skills Preparation and early childhood education, School participation, Career training
Economic Standard of Living  Income, Work Life Balance, Cost of Living,Social Deprevation
The other indicators are Safety, Built environment, Housing and Health  Social amenities such as churches also add to the mix. In all of these areas Montgomery County Pa excells
Quality of life in Montgomery County Pa.