Montgomery County Pa Quality of Life Indicators (people)
Ethnicity is measured by ethnic composition, ethnic growth rates and ethnic projections. Ethnicity is the ethnic group that people identify with or feel they belong to. Ethnicity is a measure of cultural affiliation as opposed to race, ancestry, nationality or citizenship. Ethnic diversity on cultural infrastructure of an area, including the range of services to be provided and the way they are provided.
Montgomery County Pa has a higher percentage of household where a language other than english is spoken and foreign born people These totals however are smaller than 11% and the white (non hispanic) is 82% All minority group business ownership decreased except for the Asian population.
Conclusion     While the percentage of minorities is greater than the Pa average it is equal or lower than most metropolitan areas which means ther is a constant culture.
Population Growth on the positive shows that people would rather live in one area verses another. On the negative side, population growth impacts on the adequacy and availability of community services, social infrastructure( sewage,water,transportation systems) as older systems reach capacity and room for expansion and redevelopment become difficult to find. Population growth affects economic development through increasing demand for goods and services,housing and infrastructure development (roads) Expanding communities can also place increased pressure on the natural environment ( increased pollution,climate change) These factors can be lessened if the area is planning ahead.
Montgomery County Pa had a population growth of 6.6% from 2000 to 2010 Pa average 3.4%  Conclusion    Manageable population growth and people would like to live here more than the average place in Pa.
Age Age structure impacts the range of services, facilities and opportunities that need to be planed for in an area.
Montgomery County Pa Persons under the age of 5 (6.1%) under the age of 18 (22.7%) over 64 (15%) The percentage of persons under the ages of 5 and 18 is higher than Pa ave while the percentage of people over 64 is lower.
Conclusion If you combine these figures with the fact that a higher percentage of people stay in their house lower than the Pa. ave only slightly while new housing has greater ave the outlook to stay the same is good. One dark cloud is the cost of housing being 160,700 ave unit to only 97,000 ave in Pa. could cause a population shift.
Households and Families Household trends such as later marriages, lower fertility rates and single parent homes along with economic pressures like housing costs, territorial education fees and income along with extended family and intergenerational living can impact an area. These factors can have an impact on housing demand, types of dwellings needed and the amount of residential land needed. It can also impact social and physical environment The number of one parent households can reflect on other indictors because of lower family income and higher dependence on government.
Montgomery County Pa single parent household compromise (5.5%) while Pa has an average of (8%) average educational fees are higher, and ave adjusted gross income is 64500 verses 44,200 for Pa. Intergenerational families are becoming more common in Pa but the percentage of overcrowded housing is much lower in Montgomery County Pa. The average cost of a house is much larger than the ave. In the rest of Pa. but the ave loan in Montgomery County Pa is higher than the housing value.
Conclusion   Montgomery County Pa is in ideal shape because of its higher wage scale and size of houses ave.
Disability With the increasing proportion of elderly the number and severity of people with one or more disabilities will increase. The methods and availability of medical services will be impacted
Montgomery County Pa As early as 2000 there were 94,000 people over the age of 5 with a disability
Conclusion   This is a world wide problem but with the number and diversity of medical facilities and expertise in or near Montgomery County Pa it is better able to handle this growing problem better than most areas of the country.
Maori Well Being While no single measure of well being exists personal income,health and education levels are used to build a picture.
Montgomery County Pa
The ave. family income for Montgomery County Pa is 79,813 as opposed to Pa at 44,230, 89.9% of those over 25 imontgomery county pa have a high school dipolma or GED 38.7 have a batchlers degree or higher Pa is 82.9% and only 22.4% with a degree
Conclusion   Based on these indicators Montgomery County Pa is well Above average.