Montgomery County Pa Quality of Life Indicators(Education)
Educational achievement is essential for effective participation in society. Urban societies are becoming more knowledge based, peoples ability to up skill or reskill has become very important. Availability to life long learning has become important to self-determination.Eductional opportunities abound in Montgomery County Pa
Preparation and early childhood education Learning at an early age has a bearing on future learning skills and success. Interaction with other preschoolers can make the transition to formal schooling easier
Montgomery County Pa has a large number of preschool and daycare facilities. Over 2200 children receive subsidies in Montgomery County Pa making it one of the larger numbers in Pa.
Conclusion    The availability and assistance for preschool in Montgomery County Pa is amoung the best in Pa.
School Participation Students who have early drop out compromise their later outcomes in life across social and economic measures.
Montgomery County Pa the percentage of people who have graduated high school on Montgomery County Pa is 88.5 as opposed to only 81.9 for Pa.
Conclusion    With a low dropout rate along with the next measurement  Graduation is not only common but also peer group prefered.
School participation and Career Training An educated population identifies job readiness of labor force and is needed for an are needed for an area to to remain competitive. This also indicates vibrancy and creativeness.
Montgomery County Pa 38.7% of people over 25 have a batchlers degree or better in Montgomery County Pa. The percentage for Pa is only 22.4%  There are also many specialty schools in the county for things like computers,photography,automotive and many more.
Conclusion with a high rate of college graduates and educational facilities the county should be good in this area for a long time