Montgomery County Pa Quality of life indicators(Economics)
Economic standard of living contains a combination of factors such as income,cost of living and household size The more prosperous an economy the better chance the residents are in terms of opportunities to buy material possessions and access quality health care. This leads to greater social connectedness, educational advancement, wider employment options and longer life.Montgomery County Pa  excells in this arena.
Income The most important factor influencing quality of life. Income levels indicate the ability to purchase essential and nonessential goods and services such as food, housing, health services and transportation.
Montgomery County Pa Median household income in Montgomery County Pa in 2007 was $73,985 compared to Pa. Ave. $48,562  Per capita income compares at $30,898 to $20,880  (1999) Persons below poverty level is only 5.5%  while the state's is at 11.6% National poverty leevel is $14,570for a family of 2 or $18,310 for a family of 3.
Conclusion   Montgomery County Pa exceeds the national income ave (50,740 household income) by over $22,000 making it above average while at the same time Pa is slightly below. This indicates a greater chance for a better quality of life
Work Life Balance  The availability of accurate numbers for this is argumentative therefore no conclusion for Montgomery County Pa. The county does provide numerous recreational facilities both county and township. Montgomery County Pa Parks There are also many golf courses and even disc golf courses for liesure time
Cost of Living Assessing the costs of goods and services provides an indication of living costs. Pricing is competitive and therefore the assessment will be of Philadelphia area verses USA not just Montgomery County Pa
Philadelphia Area consumer price index is 181 for Phila while only 173.8 for the USA
Conclusion Although the price index is higher when income is compared to the national figure of $50740    and the fact that Pa is even lower the cost of living to income is better here.