Lower Salford Township
Lower Salford Township is a township in Montgomery County The first residents were of Germanic descent, having immigrated primarily from Germany, Switzerland and Holland A resident named Jacob Reiff, acting on behalf of his neighbors, submitted a petition to the Philadelphia County officials to create what is now Lower Salford Township
The population was 14,959 at the 2010 census, 90.6% White, 2.9% Black or African American, 0.1% Native American, 4.4% Asian, and 1.3% were two or more races. 2.6% of the population were of Hispanic or Latino ancestry

One of the most dramatic events to affect the residents of Lower Salford Township occurred in the 1850's when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania revised the public school system and required all teaching to be done in English. Until this time, local residents and churches built their own one-room schoolhouses and hired Pennsylvania Dutch speaking teachers.

One of the main golf courses is Lederach Golf Course

Lower Salford Township has a large park system

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