The Law Library of Montgomery County
The Law Library serves the legal research needs of the courts, governmental agencies, the practicing bar, and the public. This library is a public facility, open to everyone. Citizens need to have legal materials available for general interest, for knowledge about legal transactions, and for educational information..There is a collection materials designed for use by the layperson seeking legal information
Swede and Airy Streets
Norristown, PA  19404

Library Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
Available in the Library are  
    * Statutes - Federal laws as well as the laws of Pennsylvania and surrounding states.
    * Regulations - For Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the federal government.
    * Case Reporters - Covering decisions of all state appellate courts, federal administrative agencies, federal appellate and district courts, and the United States Supreme Court.
    * Form books - Providing selected federal and state forms on such topics as change of name, divorce, custody, and appeals.
    * Municipal ordinances - containing the adopted (and often the proposed) ordinances for all of the townships and boroughs of Montgomery County.
    * Treatises - Discussing hundreds of subjects ranging from Administrative Law to Zoning.
    * Encyclopedias - Providing a more concise discussion of legal topics than treatises.
    * Directories - Covering a variety of frequently requested topics.
    * Legal Periodicals - Covering items of current interest.
    * Government documents - Detailing proposed and enacted statutes and regulations of the Pennsylvania legislature.
    * Internet access - Lexis, Westlaw, Shepard's Citations, and LoisLaw are available for searching at no cost.  Our standard photocopy rates apply to any print requests.

Any person who wishes the privilege of borrowing books from the Law Library must pay an annual Borrower's fee of $30.00.
A completed Membership application includes:
-completed membership form (one form for each member of a law firm)
-a copy of each applicant's driverís license,
-a copy of the firmís letterhead (if applicable)