Eagleville Hospital Rehabilitation Center
The legacy of Eagleville Hospital began nearly a century ago on February 8, 1909, when a group of philanthropists gathered at the home of Dr. Abraham J. Cohen in Philadelphia. Their goal was to open a sanatorium near Philadelphia that would treat indigent individuals suffering from tuberculosis, which was the leading cause of death in Europe and North America By the mid-1960s there were numerous changes in the medical field. The state had taken over the treatment of tuberculosis, and streptomycin and other antibiotics were discovered to effectively treat tuberculosis. Eagleville had to seriously reconsider its mission as a tuberculosis sanatorium
In 1968, Eagleville pioneered a new approach to addiction treatment adding a program for drug addiction. The treatment programs were expanded in 1969 when Eagleville admitted the first women to the hospital for the treatment of substance abuse. Eagleville’s growth as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility progressed to include a variety of community outreach programs.

Governed by the Eagleville Foundation, Eagleville Hospital is state licensed and accredited with commendation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

Eagleville Hospital Rehabilitation Center

100 Eagleville Road
Eagleville PA 19403