Hollywood is an unincorporated community in the southern portion of Abington Township, Montgomery County. It is well known for its collection of Southern California-style homes.The 174-home neighborhood got its start when a builder from California, Gustav Weber filed plans to build a small subdivision in 1928. The homes were built in pastel colors with flat roofs, similar to Spanish-style homes in the Los Angeles area. Streets were named Los Angeles, San Diego, Pasadena and San Gabriel. [1]However, one of Weber's problems was that the neighborhood was not built to cope with the Northeastern winters. Plants native to Southern California and moravian tile sidewalks were included in his plans. The plants died in the cold. Homes were not insulated and could not withstand the cold. The flat roofs leaked. The tile cracked and was replaced by concrete. As a result significant modifications were made to the homes since they were built.The neighborhood was never finished according to Weber's plans. Possible reasons ranged from the 1929 stock market crash to an unfaithful wife. A local developer ended up finishing the development in the 1940s.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has listed the area as eligible for national registry. As a result, residents can apply for federal grants to maintain the historical character of the neighborhood.

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