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This started with Your Mattress Information Guide. I have been in the mattress business for over twenty years. My experience on the web at the time was about two months. After reading many of the web sites on mattresses I noticed that either they wanted to sell a mattress or they wanted you to complain about the brand or retailer. Worse the information was just wrong. I knew nothing about building a website but with all those ads that say how easy it was I decided to venture out. It was a short three page version of the site today. I was proud and thought it would conquer the net. I knew a lot about mattresses but nothing about how all this works. Today the first website has thousands of visitors each month and I have added some advertising to pay for its existence. And although you can find mattress sales on it I only advertise the store and product and sell nothing directly. I also do not endorse any one product I leave that to the consumer to choose what is best for them. As I come across other helpful guides that I am allowed to use they are added to this site as information on other topics that may interest my visitors.
Mattress Answer Man Speaks is a place I get to talk about politics. Health,gifts or just about anything thats on my mind and you get to respond. I also post videos I have found on the web, many of which are humerous
Montgomery County Pa. is the newest endeavor . It is where I live and there is no website that covers this diverse county. At this moment the County official offices and contact information is complete. The county churches and golf courses are almost complete. Parks is next and from there a type of service or business and shopping center will be added one at a time. I hope soon to an event page but that will only contain those that I am contacted to add.
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Allergy Mattress Pad is a blog that talks about allergy aids.
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